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Pixel Illustration Art

"Art is art is art" is a common saying. More simply put the medium doesn't matter as long as there is creativity involved it is art. This is part of the allure of being an artist; you can break away from what has been done into something completely new. This holds true for a rather simple but elegant form of art, pixel Illustration art. Pixel Illustration art is art that is draw pixel by pixel as opposed to graphic illustrators who make use of lots of automated tools to do their work. Most would see pixels as a limitation because you are confined to a certain number of tiny squares
that you can fill, however, pixel Illustration artists make good use of color to create stunning illustrations. They have turned a limitation into a means of expression.

Pixel illustration art got big with the games of 10 years ago like Mario and Ultima. Pixel illustration art was an easy way to deliver cool graphics with out a lot of memory. As time went on, graphics continually got better and better until the day that computers got powerful enough to render complex graphics on their own. However powerful computers did not mean doom for pixel Illustration art. People still create beautiful pixel illustrations, now they do it as art and not for a specific purpose. Some forms of pixel illustration are still used today. Emoticons are a good example of this.

Rules of Pixel illustration art

The most basic rule of pixel illustration is that you must only use techniques that directly edit the pixels. Things that automatically edit the pixels for you are generally not allowed. These can include filters and render engines. It is not that those are bad it just wouldn't pixel illustration art if you use them. Another basic rule for the discipline is that all work has to be original. You can't edit other peoples work or use parts of it. The whole point of creating art work is to make it original.

Tools of the Trade

To start out doing pixel illustration art Microsoft Paint is all that you need. It will do most of the basic things for you and it is fairly simple to learn. If after a few attempts at pixel art and you still want to keep trying; Graphics Gale is a good tool to use, especially since it is free. It has more tools and better control over color. This will help you make stunning pieces of art work.

Tips and Ideas

If you are learning pixel illustration art the most valuable tool that you can have is a sound understanding of the principles of art. If you don't, it will be difficult to learn. It is generally a good idea to take some kind of formal art class. If you are an old pro at art then the best things to do is to do a little research, read through some tutorials online then jump right in.

Pixel illustration art should have died out with the passing of time but it didn't. Why? Because it is a form of art. This simply goes to show that art can become anything you want it to be.

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