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The Photoshop and Painter Artist Tablet Book
Artists who regularly use digital media will find Artist Tablet Book essential: it reviews the tools of digital media, provides real-life projects and [...]

The Modern Art Movements
"What distinguishes modern art from the art of other ages is criticism."
-Octavio Paz [...]

Famous Different Kinds Of Art Galleries
When it comes to art galleries you will find lots varieties as there are different kinds of art existing. Commonly, an art gallery comprises of precise [...]

Tips for Digital Camera Beginners
For a beginner, it may seem a little overwhelming to pick up a digital camera for the first time. After all, digital cameras are filled with features and options that tend [...]

Chinese Oil Paintings and Realist Oil Painting
Chinese oil paintings and realist oil painting
Chinese oil paintings since the beginning of the fall, and "realism" and "realist painting" has a natural link [...]

Home Painting Tips
Remember, everyone starts as a beginner at painting. Just because you have never painted a house doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a try. [...]

The beauty of fine art tapestries
For centuries we have enjoyed fine art for its creativity, its beauty and its celebration of human endeavor. It has occupied a privileged place [...]

Oil paintings
Paintings tend to be the most beautiful creation of man, which has the power to exert a pull on the spectator. Oil paintings are beautiful art forms [...]

Art has been spontaneous expression of human emotion, since the pre historic age. Since then it has come a long way travelling through different phases of history [...]

Popular Faux Painting Techniques
Add some color, depth, elegance and charm to your home using one or more of these popular faux painting techniques. [...]

African Art
Different art genres have different themes that distinguish them from other genres. This is because these themes often reflect the culture of the place where the art genre originated. [...]

Art Galleries
Art galleries are institutions or forums to promote art appreciation in art buyers and a platform for artists to display their work. [...]

Oil Painting Portraits
Before the advent of photography, portrait paintings and sketches were the only way images of loved ones could be preserved for posterity. [...]

Pixel Illustration Art
"Art is art is art" is a common saying. More simply put the medium doesn't matter as long as there is creativity involved it is art. This is part of the allure of being an artist [...]

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